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Schwinn Clear Creek – Get a Good Deal

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Schwinn Clear Creek

Schwinn Clear Creek

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Update: This model is no longer available.

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The Schwinn clear creek bicycle; one of the most comfortable rides you will ever have plus you can't beat the price. The Clear Creek is a top of the line bike for 200 dollars. The Clear Creek Comfort bike makes for a nice way to commute and get your daily exercise.

Since 1895, Schwinn has always stood for quality and they definitely got it right with the Schwinn Clear Creek Comfort bike. A sturdy and rugged bike but comfortable enough to enjoy riding on the trails or hilly terrain.

If you are looking for a Schwinn Clear Creek review you don't have to look far. Do a Google search for reviews and you will see many people are more than satisfied with this bicycle. Why not it; is easy to pedal and the shifting is quick and easy. If you want a bike for exercise or just riding on the weekends this is a bike well worth the money. Paying more for an expensive bike doesn't always mean you are getting one better.

Schwinn Clear Creek Comfort Bike for the Big Boys

The Schwinn Clear Creek Comfort bike 26 inch wheels are perfect for anyone over 6 ft. and over 200 pounds. The one thing that would be good to invest in is a little more cushion or padding for your seat. The one common complaint customers have is with the Schwinn Clear Creek bike seat.

As far as I know there aren't many stock seats that are comfortable. After you purchase your bike and you want to make sure everything is adjusted properly, then I would suggest taking it to a pro shop and pay the 20 – 50 dollars they would charge to make the proper adjustments. This will be money well spent.

The Schwinn Clear Creek bike rides like a dream, though like other reviewers have said, the seat can be uncomfortable especially for us middle-aged bottoms. You might want to get a more comfortable seat so you can enjoy riding around town or taking it off road a little and go for the trails.

The Schwinn Ranger has the lowest end Shimano derailleur's available. The rims can be extremely weak and the frame is not going to last the rigors of trails and paths. This bike also sells in the discount box stores but is not bad for the money. The ranger could be a good first bike if you are not serious about riding.

You can get the Schwinn Sierra that will give you a nice experience and will be good for commuting to and from work or for those quick jaunts around the neighborhood. This is an adult comfort sixteen inch bike that has 26″ tires to get you where you want to go fast.

Schwinn Clear Creek Bicycle Colors

A very well built bike in its class the men's Schwinn Men's 26″ Clear Creek blue bike with 18 speeds for getting up and down the hills in your neighborhood. This is an awesome bike that shifts easily and allows you to ride in an upright position and not feeling like you are on a crotch rocket.

The women's Schwinn Clear Creek plumb color is very stylish and is also made for taller women that will not comfortable riding on a smaller bike. The seat is fully adjustable to allow for easy movement to get the feel and comfort one needs when riding for several miles.

The men's Schwinn Clear Creek rates really high on the internet. People are most satisfied with this bike because they place their personal views online. They do not hold back. You can get honest bike reviews that you can use to make the best decision for you.

One feature the men's Schwinn Clear Creek Comfort bike comes with is the Shimano gears for quiet and easy shifting. The suspension seat and front fork will make paths that used to rattle your teeth quite easy and pleasant to ride on.

The maker of Schwinn bikes has changed hands many times but it is still a Schwinn. They are makers of some of the best mountain bike brands and have a line of discount bikes sold to mass merchants and then the upper end sold through various bike shops. They produce many types of bicycles such as mountain, road, cruisers, comfort, urban and hybrid bikes. One of the more popular is the Schwinn Clear Creek bicycles.

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  1. Jess Golly says:

    I have the Clear Creek model that preceded this one. It’s a matte finished dark gray. Frame design is slightly different but still pretty much the same bike. I get compliments from almost everybody on the looks of the bike. I’m very happy with it and have ridden it on all terrains. It has no trouble with any of them. I did change the saddle with a Schwinn brand aftermarket gel saddle and I never get sore or numb anymore. Great bike for the canal trail that’s near me. Buy one, you’ll be glad.

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