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Mongoose xr250 Get a Good Deal on a Mongoose

Want a good handling bike that is fun to ride? The Mongoose xr250 will not disappoint and will bring out the adventurer in you. You can't go wrong with a bicycle from the Mongoose xr series.

Mongoose XR250

Mongoose XR250

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>>Update: This model is no longer available<<

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You and the Mongoose xr250 are ready to take on the bike trails and roads in your neighborhood. When you are riding on the various trails, paths and roads you need a bike that will stand up and take on everything you want to put it through. You get a comfortable ride with the dual suspension and the front disc brakes are great for slowing you down and stopping without throwing you off.

Another sweet bike and one that was easy to assemble is the mongoose xr200. This bike is fairly light and had the gear ratios for just about any situation. The only thing is the xr200 is no longer available. The plus side; there are still plenty of bikes in the Mongoose XR series.

Take a Look at the Mongoose XR250 Price

When you see the Mongoose xr250 price; you're not going to believe it because of the value you get with this mountain bike. For around $200 you get a very stylish bike and the black alloy wheels with paired spokes are strong and extremely hard to bend. The xr250 comes highly recommended but you will probably need to do a little fine tuning to the derailer and adjust the brakes for smoother stops.

One of the easiest bicycles to maintain is the mongoose xr250 bike. When you are faced with a situation and needing to shift, it is real easy and it won't interfere with your ability to keep your bike under control. There are a few things you may want to change such as the seat. They never put a comfortable seat on these bikes.

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Mongoose xr250 Specs

  • Aluminum Full suspension frame
  • Aero Swift black anadized alloy rims with paired spokes
  • Promax front disc brake and linear pull rear brake
  • Dual-suspension mountain bike is ready to take on the trails
  • Weighs 44 pounds
  • Shimano tx-30 rear derailleur with EF50 rapid fire shift levers

Mongoose Bike Reviews

There are plenty of Mongoose xr250 reviews as well as mongoose xr-75 reviews, a simple check online and you will find as many as you want to read. You will notice this bike gets good ratings and many users are satisfied. The bike rides and brakes really well after some minor adjustments. One con is the bike weighs a good 40 lbs but is sturdy for some moderate use. This bicycle is a tremendous value and won't break the bank. You can get the Mongoose XR250 for around 200 dollars.

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