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Looking for a bicycle that can handle almost any bike trail or path? Then you and the Mongoose xr-75 have what it takes to tackle some of the most exciting trails.

Mongoose XR-75

Mongoose XR-75

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Update: This mountain bike is no longer available.

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The Mongoose XR-75 mountain bike is light enough for young children to be able to ride and keep the bicycle under control. They will be able to shift real easy with the SRAM Grip-Shifters that will have them changing through 21 speeds, all the while going up and down the hills and along the bike paths with Shimano rear derailleur.

Do you have experience riding off road or are you just learning to ride but you don't have a suitable bike? For boy's you should take a look at the electric green Mongoose xr-75. This is a perfect starter bike. You are going to want a bike that will absorb some of the shock of the rough trails and let them stay in control to avoid any mishaps or spills.

Mongoose xr-75 Colors

The Mongoose xr-75 24″ kid's bike comes in a few colors so the choice is simple. If you have girls, it's the pink and if you have boys they are going to like the electric green or orange Mongoose xr-75 24″ bicycle. These bikes are not short on gears. They are 21 speeds with the Shimano rear derailleur. The aluminum suspension frame maximizes their comfort and helps with performance. The brakes are the Linear pull brakes which will provide great braking power.

Girls will enjoy riding the pink Mongoose XR-75 bike because it is just enough bike to provide them with the basics. After it arrives at your house it's not hard to assemble. In fact, you can put this bike together in about 20 minutes so you won't have to listen to them asking “When is it going to be done?”

Mongoose bikes have been popular with the kids for a long time. And why not they are good bikes for the money. Moms and dads want their kids to learn how to ride a bike. After they learn most kids will always have a bike to ride and the Mongoose line of bicycles will be there for them.

26 Mongoose xr-75 mountain Bike for Women

If you are looking for a woman's bike the 26 Mongoose xr-75 mountain bike could be an option for you. If you are just a beginner, this bike is all you need to be able to ride on the trails but even easier on the roads. Maybe you want a bike because you know that you are going to be a casual rider. The mongoose xr-75 26″ will certainly have you covered.

For those of us that are a little older the Mongoose xr-75 26″ is a nice bike to take out on the roads. You won't feel all of the bumps in the road because of the dual shocks. This is a very durable women's bike you should take a look at for your wife. You might have to get a better seat because the one's that come with them tend to be a little hard. And if she is like mine, she is going to want to be comfortable.

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Have you shopped around and are still looking to get the best Mongoose xr-75 price? This bike is just right for the price and you can get it now. Just go to the link at the top of the page. You will get a basic Mongoose bike and for the money you can't beat it. You would probably spend more only to get less in another bike. This is a nice price for around 119 dollars.

For around $200 you get a very stylish bike in the Mongoose xr250. Comes with black alloy wheels and extremely hard to bend paired spokes. You won't believe the value you get for only a couple hundred bucks. Customers are amazed and have a high rating for this bike. As with most bikes that you assemble or purchase from a box store, you will need to make some minor adjustments to the derailer, adjust the brakes, seat and handlebars.

You have come this far for a Mongoose xr-75 review and here you will find out what people think are the good and the bad points of this bike. Now if you are planning to put this bike through the wringer and its sole purpose is to take it off road then I would recommend taking a look at another bike. For the women's xr-75 26″ is a nice first bike for someone just starting out. Many people have mentioned though, you will probably want to get a seat with a little more cushion. Smooth ride and easy to assemble and not to mention you would be hard to find a better first bike for the kids and the larger bike for women, so you should go take a look at the Mongoose xr-75.

Mongoose XR-75 Mountain Bike Vacation

There are many mountain biking tours specifically for athletic people. Tours that will take you through various scenic routes that are not neccessarily on the beaten path. There is something to experience in every region of the United States that will provide you with a life time of memories.

If you are into mountain biking at all then you have probably have taken or would like to take a biking vacation. This would be relaxing and getting in some valuable exercise at the same time taking in the beauty that America has to offer.

Have you noticed that some of the best areas to ride can be found right here in the good ol' USA. More specifically the Pacific Northwest and the South west. Let's not leave out the other side of the country such as North Carolina and other Southeast states.

There is great mountain biking locations all around us. One of the areas that is growing in popularity in the sport of mountain biking happens to be in the Southwest. Just in case you are planning to vacation in these areas, you should tryout a few spots like…Pinery Canyon Road in Arizona, or the nice scenery on the Flume Trail located in Navada. There is another trail that should be on your list to tryout. This one is in New Mexico called the South Boundry Trail.

Be prepared when you make the decision to ride these trails. Each one can be quite challenging and every bit of 20 miles long. If you want a real challenge get ready for the 50 mile trail ride at the Pinery Canyon. Keep in mind that if you have not been riding long and not used to some hard exercise, you should work your way up to be able to complete such a long ride. Just be prepaired before you start out and keep plenty of water with you.

Just think of the many mountain ranges, hills and trails that are just waiting to be somewhat discovered and conquered. You can get some fresh mountain air in your lungs and be with people that have the same interests as you. Taking on the challenges of every trail, path or road and loving every minute of it. A friend of mine rides a Schwinn Clear Creek. You might enjoy it more if you are riding an orange 26” Mongoose XR-75 Dual Suspension Men's Bike.

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