Diamondback Response Mountain Bike Review

Black Diamondback Response Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels

Diamondback Response mountain bike 29er

Diamondback Response 29er

The Diamondback Response MTB is one of the more popular 29ers. If you are looking for a bike that will roll over just about anything you encounter on the trail or just riding around your neighborhood, you should look closer at the Diamondback Response 29er. This mountain bike is not cheap but it is not going to break the bank either.

The redesigned Response 6061-T6 Aluminum lightweight frame makes a big difference compared to the steel frames you find on many less expensive bikes. When you upgrade to this bike you will feel a big difference how the bike handles and rides.

If you have done any research about a entry level mountain bike you will find that this is one of the best options available online and a great price of under $400 as of this article. This bike will give some of the more specialized bikes and upper end bikes a run for their money. To get a more comparable bike would cost you a couple hundred more.

Diamondback Response Specs


Is It Hard To Assemble Diamondback Response Mountain Bikes?

It's certainly not complicated and will not take a long time to assemble this bicycle. It comes with 2 allen wrenches for the ease of assembly. Be sure to read the instructions for aligning the disc brakes. You need to adjust the derailers but if you want to make sure everything is in tune, you can take it to your local shop for final adjustments.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong lightweight aluminum frame
  • 29-inch wheels
  • Quick release to remove front tire
  • Disc brakes for easier stopping


  • The seat isn't all that comfortable
  • Instructions not the best – vague
  • No kickstand (rear frame clamp style will work)
  • Comes with presta valves and no adapter for inflating the tires


A few comments about the Diamondback Response bike.

“Best bang for buck in the sub $500 price range”
“Great bike, sleek design”
“Solid Bike for the money”

What do you need to know before ordering your Diamondback Response?

There are a couple of things you should to know… The tires come with Presta valves so you will need an attachment before you can put air in the tires. You can see they are not expensive.

The other is that the bike does not come with a kickstand. If you want one, the best option is to purchase a rear mounting kickstand unless you wanted to drill holes for a center kickstand. It's a mountain bike and to keep the bike lighter, it is not included.

How hard is it to haul this bike? 

If you are cramped for space, the quick release makes it easy to take the front wheel off which is great for transporting the bike in smaller vehicles. If you need a bike rack, you can Click Here.

What frame sizes are available?

The Diamondback Response comes in the following sizes: 16, 18, 20, 22 inch frames. It has been mentioned by one consumer that they purchased the small 16 inch frame and had problems turning the 29 inch wheels when the pedals were horizontal, so you should probably go for the 18 in. frame.

What size frame should I buy?

If you aren't sure of the frame size you need, here's a PDF sizing chart or a bicycle frame size calculator to help get the right frame.

If you want a mountain bikes 29 that feels great, easy to handle and gives you confidence when you are hopping over or dropping off obstacles this bike will not disappoint. This is one of the lighter weight bikes yet strong enough to withstand the abuse you want to put it through. Hope this Diamondback Response review has help you make your decision.

Click Here to check out the Diamondback Response and get the best deal 

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Diamondback 2014 Recoil Full Suspension Mountain Bike 29-Inch Wheels Review

2014 Diamondback Recoil Full Suspension 29er Mountain Bike

2014 Diamondback Recoil 29er Full Suspension

Currently unavailable.
We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Click here to see other popular Diamondback mountain bikes.

The 2014 Diamondback recoil full suspension 29er mountain bike is designed with the beginner in mind. The diamondback recoil 29  is waiting to give the novice or intermediate rider the freedom you have never felt before mountain biking. Even on the real aggressive trails, this full suspension mountain bike will give you 4″ of suspension on the Recoil so you can have better control to maintain the ride on the roughest trails.

The 29″ wheels will roll over rocks, roots and other obstacles with little effort. It doesn't matter, when you are riding along paths, trails or tracks at any speed, this 29 inch mountain bike is extremely stable.

The Diamondback Recoil 29 full suspension MTB comes in small 16″, medium 18″ and large 20″ frames to fit most riders. You can be ready to take on rough mountain trails with a front and rear suspension that is working together to provide you one smooth ride while at the same time the bike is absorbing the hard jolts and bumps.

Diamondback 2014 Recoil Full Suspension Mountain Bike


Diamondback Recoil Full Suspension 29er Specs

Here are a few quotes from the Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Recoil Full Suspension Mountain Bike 29er reviews from Amazon.

  • “Great bike!”
  • “Best Beginners Mountain Bike You Can Get For The Budget (I checked all the webs and stores)”
  • “Great bike for the money”
  • “Cant beat the price for the quality!”

Click Here to read read why this bike is rated 4.0 and the complete reviews at Amazon.

This Diamondback bike has a lightweight aluminum DB Recoil 6061 T-6 Trail frame that gives you a generous 4″ of travel for more comfort. The frame is a machine formed top and down tube and butted with an awesome white and red paint job.

The rear shock is a 190×51 mm Kind Shock coil with oil damping for absorbing the hard bumps on your ride. The front fork has travel suspension of 100 mm from a SR Suntour XCT giving you an external preload adjustment so you can set it for various rides.

You will be able to appreciate the 8 speed Shimano SL-M310 Rapidfire shifters to give you 24 gears to get you anywhere you want to go. This 29er mountain bike has a front dual pull Shimano Altus 34.9 top swing derailleur combined with a SR Suntour XCC T202 24/34/42t crankset and Shimano Acera SGS rear derailleur and a KMC Z82 bike chain.

To stop these 29″ hoops is the Tektro IO Plus 6″ disc rotors and the reach adjust Tektro brake levers. This Tektro brake system has the power to stop you in all conditions and will not transfer any heat to the DB 32h SL-7 double wall rims. There are 32 stylish 14 guage black spokes sporting the WTB Wolverine Comp 29×2.2 knobby tires to give you plenty of traction and performance on dirt or in the mud.

Positive Reviews

First let's take a look at what riders liked about this Diamondback full suspension mountain bike. Several people noted the ability to adjust the suspension for their specific use. They also liked the light but strong frame and has a nice design that does not look cheap.

Negative Reviews

Here at Best-Mountain Bike Brands dot com we believe in providing you the negatives points about each bike so let's take a look at what people dislike about the 2014 Diamondback Recoil full suspension bicycle.

There were a few buyers that mentioned they didn't like the DB toe-clip compatible platform pedals and rhad replaced them. Some complained about not having a water bottle rack or a kickstand but thought it was okay because they were happy with the quality of the bike, especially for the price.

Their was mentioned that the bicycle required more assembly than other bikes and they didn't care for the assembly instructions. Others said they thought the front suspension was very soft but I don't think they had the front fork adjusted for what they were doing.

Would we recommend the 2014 Diamondback 29er? Of course we would, especially for the price and we also recommend to take the bike in to get it serviced and tuned up the right way so you will be able t o experience the ride without any problems. You can figure on spending anywhere from about $50 to $120 for this service. It would pay to look around or if already have a bike shop you trust, take it there.

One more thing, these bikes come with the presta valves so be sure you have the right bike pump when you purchase. If you need one you can get it at the same time so you can…


CLICK HERE to purchase the 2014 Diamondback Recoil full suspension mountain bike with 29-inch wheels or read more reviews.

Click here to view other Diamondback MTB's

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Diamondback Response Sport

2012 Diamondback Response Sport Mountain Bike

When it comes to bike riding can't go wrong with the Diamondback Response Sport Mountain Bike. The bike is not only reliable and convenient but affordable as well. The 2012 Response Sport MTB comes in 2 fabulous colors, an eye-catching red or the popular black. If you are looking for a great deal on the Diamondback Response you should checkout Amazon.

Diamondback Response Sport Black

Diamondback Response Sport Black

Diamondback Response Sport Red

Diamondback Response Sport Red


Click Here to SAVE $50 and get Free Shipping only at Amazon


>>>Update: This model is not available<<<

Click Here to see other Diamondback mountain bikes

Diamondback Response Reviews

The Response Sport mountain bike is perfect for the extreme activities and it offers much more. It has an improved crank and fork, derailleur, shifters and reliable brakes. It weighs about twenty five pounds although this may vary. Regardless of whether you want to ride it a long road rides on park or even on tough trails, this bike has the capacity to do just that. With the right information, you should be able to get these exact specifications and features.

Diamondback Response Sport Blue

Diamondback Response Sport Blue

This variety in riding option is what makes most users go for the bike. In fact, after taking the ride, you will realize that you are slowly turning into a professional rider. This is so because the bike is to learn and operate. While riding, it is possible to adjust each ride easily to fit the next riding venture. However, not all brands are easily adjustable hence the reason why this particular one has become so popular.

Comfort is one feature that makes these bikes popular in the world today. It offers comfortable and efficient peddling and they look amazing. Users certainly cannot afford to dispute this fact since these aspects really stand out. The bikes are not only beautiful; they are also lightweight compared to other bikes for regular users. The high definition bikes are excellent at keeping riders healthy and capable of handling the physical activities.

Check out a few of the Diamondback Response reviews…

“This bike is heavy duty, rugged, and durable. If Rambo rode a bike, it would be this one.” by Cajun JJ

“If you're looking for a light bike that you can rely on, I'd safely say that I could take this out and know it'll get me home.” by Austin Ross “Sparatan117”

Read complete Diamondback Response reviews here

For people who ride in the said terrains it is important to buy a bike that is comfortable and efficient. The two factors have a special role they play when it comes to buying such bikes. People should not compromise quality and comfort for money. Efficiency factor is paramount so that a rider does not feel tired at the end of each ride. Most market research studies indicate that this bike is becoming increasingly popular among most users thanks to these qualities.

That said, it is important to note that is a very loaded bike and it is an investment worth buying.  Just by upgrading the stem and bars and seat individuals can get more out of the Diamondback Response Sport Mountain Bike .

Be sure to go now and get…

$50 off and free shipping on the Diamondback Response Sport mountain bike now only at Amazon.

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Diamondback Sorrento Mountain Bike Huge Savings

Diamondback Sorrento Mountain Bike Nice Ride

When it comes to the issue of MTB's, it is important to understand that Diamond Sorrento mountain bike is really an attractively priced bike. Don't let that fool you. The Sorrento is more than capable of holding its own during the dirty road riding but at the same time, it rides easy on the roads.

Diamondback Sorrento Mountain Bike

Diamondback Sorrento Mountain Bike


Checkout the GREAT DEAL S on the Diamondback Sorrento Mountain Bike

>>>Update: This model is not available<<<

Click Here to see Diamond Bikes that are available 


Take a look at this review By SILVER&GOLD

“This bike is awesome. Bikes are made up of components and this one has all the desirable ones! It has Shimano Lever Shifters, Re-enforced Rims, Semi Aggressive Tires for riding on Road or Trail, and a Shimano Altus Derailer! I completely recommend it. Thanks!”

Read complete Diamondback Sorrento reviews

Unlike other readily available mountain bikes, this one has a quicker release's hubs accompanied by seat posts. It is possible to find that most of the common bikes have disc type brakes. However, with the Diamondback Sorrento; its brakes are the Tektro alloy linear pull brakes .

Shimano Altus derailleur

Shimano Altus derailleur

In addition, it is advisable to have in mind that the bike has a total of 21 gears with shifter built within the handlebars. This is one of the heavy bikes available in the market with 24-inch wheels.

One major reason, which has really made this bike to be the better option for off-road uses, is that it is made with a very stiff fork suspension unlike other bikes.

Best ways to remove handlebars from Diamondback Sorrento mountain bike

Since this bike is fairly heavy, it may prove a bit difficult to move it from one locality to the other. However; its handlebars are normally not welded to the bike, meaning it is possible to remove the bars in order to make the transportation easier. Additionally, you may also want to remove the handlebars for other reasons like replacements and when storing the bike if not used for a long time. Now,how do you go about it?

Almost every single bike has hexagonal heads with bolts, which are easily removed using Allen wrenches; it is recommended to begin by separating the grips from the handlebar. Then the next step is to loosen all the clamps holding the grip. Like other mountain bikes, it is significant to know that Diamondback Sorrento has a plug on the handlebar end which is usually meant for keeping the dirt away. However, it can be removed easily with the use of a screwdriver.

It is recommendable to make use of more than two clamps, which are normally held suing a bolt. Before loosening the bolts, you must remove the shifters and the brakes. Here, it is not compulsory to remove all the bolts completely. To avoid keeping the shifters and brakes in separate pieces, it is good to slide then off. Any available accessories from the handlebar must be removed with tension clamps holding on. These include onboard computers and reflectors; at this point, you can make the clamps loose. In essence, the handlebar is normally held by the plate on the steering tube, unscrew these bolts which will definitely free your handlebar for replacement, shipping or storing.

However, if it appears that, you have shorter shifter cable, which is keeping you from sliding the handlebar; it is advisable to turn the handlebar besides the short cable in order to have extra slack.

When you are looking at the best mountain bike brands, you should take a look at the GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike. It's a popular bike and smooth ride but if your not interested don't pay more for any Diamondback mountain bikes.

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GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike Sale

GMC Topkick Dual-suspension Mountain Bike Sale

Here's a bike that is perfect for riding the trails and for rough city riding. The GMC Topkick Dual-suspension mountain bike performs its best on rough terrain.

gmc topkick dual-suspension mountain bike

GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Click Here for a Cool Deal on the GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

One of the smoothest rides you'll ever experience. Very steady and reliable performance the GMC Topkick bike will not let you down.

One look and you can see the GMC Topkick mountain bike is comfortable and very stylish with dual suspension. It comes with 21 speeds that will come in handy when you are riding in the hills in your area. You need to know the tires are very knobby so these are great for the off the stuff but if you are going to be riding mostly on smooth roads you will probably want to change out the tires for a better ride.

Need a Full Suspension Mountain Bike?

The GMC Topkick bike is a full suspension bike that will absorb the bumps and jolts from riding on some of the rougher bike paths and trails. If you plan on doing a lot of hard riding you might want to consider replacing the plastic pedals with a pair of aluminum ones.

GMC Topkick Bicycle Specs

  • Frame: 26-inch full-suspension aluminum MTB frame
  • Fork: Zoom CH-386 suspension fork, 65mm travel
  • Shocks: Kind Shock, adjustable to 650 pounds
  • Chain: KMC Z51
  • Crankset: Alloy ISA 335P, 28/38/48, L170mm
  • Front derailleur: Falcon MF 31 T
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano RD-TZ30GS SIS, 7 speed
  • Shifters: Microshift TS-50 ADII index L3/R7
  • Brake levers: GP 30 AP aluminum
  • Brakes: LCHI DSK-320 disc brakes, 160mm
  • Rims: Alloy black 26 x 1.5 inches
  • Tires: Kenda black with yellow band 700 x 25C
  • Stem: A-head TDS63K-8, EXT: 100mm, 15D
  • Handlebar: HL-MTB 153, W: 600mm, R: 30mm
  • Saddle: Velo, black padded
  • Seat post: Alloy micro-adjust 27.2 x 300mm with quick-release

GMC Topkick Dual-suspension Mountain Bike Shifters

Notice the Microshift TS-50 ADII index L3/R7 push button indexed shifters on the GMC mountain bike; these are a big plus because it makes shifting effortless. The dual disk brakes are nice to have when you are running through water or if you live in a wet area because they are less likely to fail on you.

Want to learn how to pedal kick watching suspension mountain bike videos?  Just think like you are a big pogo stick and keep trying. If you want to see  mountain bike videos you should go to YouTube. They have a ton of 'em.

The ironhide dual suspension mountain bike is perfect for those off-road courses. You will be able to climb the toughest of hills also get on it going through puddles or creek beds with minimum effort. When you hit the potholes or if you're riding on a washboard road you will appreciate the dual-suspension. Another Dual suspension mountain bike is the mongoose xr250.


The GMC Topkick dual suspension mtb has many features but it is the benefits that people like when they ride this mountain bike. Perhaps the best feature is the dual suspension. The frame employs a floating beam suspension design mated to a Zoom suspension fork with elastomer/spring technology. The results are unbelievable a smooth and steady performance even on rough terrain. Find out for yourself and get a GMC Topkick dual-suspension mountain bike.

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Mongoose XR250 Save Now

Mongoose xr250 Get a Good Deal on a Mongoose

Want a good handling bike that is fun to ride? The Mongoose xr250 will not disappoint and will bring out the adventurer in you. You can't go wrong with a bicycle from the Mongoose xr series.

Mongoose XR250

Mongoose XR250

Click Here to Check Out Your Best Deal on the Mongoose XR250

>>Update: This model is no longer available<<

Click Here to see other popular Mongoose MTB's

You and the Mongoose xr250 are ready to take on the bike trails and roads in your neighborhood. When you are riding on the various trails, paths and roads you need a bike that will stand up and take on everything you want to put it through. You get a comfortable ride with the dual suspension and the front disc brakes are great for slowing you down and stopping without throwing you off.

Another sweet bike and one that was easy to assemble is the mongoose xr200. This bike is fairly light and had the gear ratios for just about any situation. The only thing is the xr200 is no longer available. The plus side; there are still plenty of bikes in the Mongoose XR series.

Take a Look at the Mongoose XR250 Price

When you see the Mongoose xr250 price; you're not going to believe it because of the value you get with this mountain bike. For around $200 you get a very stylish bike and the black alloy wheels with paired spokes are strong and extremely hard to bend. The xr250 comes highly recommended but you will probably need to do a little fine tuning to the derailer and adjust the brakes for smoother stops.

One of the easiest bicycles to maintain is the mongoose xr250 bike. When you are faced with a situation and needing to shift, it is real easy and it won't interfere with your ability to keep your bike under control. There are a few things you may want to change such as the seat. They never put a comfortable seat on these bikes.

Check out the cool video.

Mongoose xr250 Specs

  • Aluminum Full suspension frame
  • Aero Swift black anadized alloy rims with paired spokes
  • Promax front disc brake and linear pull rear brake
  • Dual-suspension mountain bike is ready to take on the trails
  • Weighs 44 pounds
  • Shimano tx-30 rear derailleur with EF50 rapid fire shift levers

Mongoose Bike Reviews

There are plenty of Mongoose xr250 reviews as well as mongoose xr-75 reviews, a simple check online and you will find as many as you want to read. You will notice this bike gets good ratings and many users are satisfied. The bike rides and brakes really well after some minor adjustments. One con is the bike weighs a good 40 lbs but is sturdy for some moderate use. This bicycle is a tremendous value and won't break the bank. You can get the Mongoose XR250 for around 200 dollars.

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Mongoose XR-75 Discounts

Mongoose xr-75 Great Bike Even Better Savings

Looking for a bicycle that can handle almost any bike trail or path? Then you and the Mongoose xr-75 have what it takes to tackle some of the most exciting trails.

Mongoose XR-75

Mongoose XR-75

Click Here to Save and Get Your Hands on the Mongoose XR-75

Update: This mountain bike is no longer available.

You can check out other mountain bikes here.


The Mongoose XR-75 mountain bike is light enough for young children to be able to ride and keep the bicycle under control. They will be able to shift real easy with the SRAM Grip-Shifters that will have them changing through 21 speeds, all the while going up and down the hills and along the bike paths with Shimano rear derailleur.

Do you have experience riding off road or are you just learning to ride but you don't have a suitable bike? For boy's you should take a look at the electric green Mongoose xr-75. This is a perfect starter bike. You are going to want a bike that will absorb some of the shock of the rough trails and let them stay in control to avoid any mishaps or spills.

Mongoose xr-75 Colors

The Mongoose xr-75 24″ kid's bike comes in a few colors so the choice is simple. If you have girls, it's the pink and if you have boys they are going to like the electric green or orange Mongoose xr-75 24″ bicycle. These bikes are not short on gears. They are 21 speeds with the Shimano rear derailleur. The aluminum suspension frame maximizes their comfort and helps with performance. The brakes are the Linear pull brakes which will provide great braking power.

Girls will enjoy riding the pink Mongoose XR-75 bike because it is just enough bike to provide them with the basics. After it arrives at your house it's not hard to assemble. In fact, you can put this bike together in about 20 minutes so you won't have to listen to them asking “When is it going to be done?”

Mongoose bikes have been popular with the kids for a long time. And why not they are good bikes for the money. Moms and dads want their kids to learn how to ride a bike. After they learn most kids will always have a bike to ride and the Mongoose line of bicycles will be there for them.

26 Mongoose xr-75 mountain Bike for Women

If you are looking for a woman's bike the 26 Mongoose xr-75 mountain bike could be an option for you. If you are just a beginner, this bike is all you need to be able to ride on the trails but even easier on the roads. Maybe you want a bike because you know that you are going to be a casual rider. The mongoose xr-75 26″ will certainly have you covered.

For those of us that are a little older the Mongoose xr-75 26″ is a nice bike to take out on the roads. You won't feel all of the bumps in the road because of the dual shocks. This is a very durable women's bike you should take a look at for your wife. You might have to get a better seat because the one's that come with them tend to be a little hard. And if she is like mine, she is going to want to be comfortable.

Watch a Mountain Bike Tips Video


Have you shopped around and are still looking to get the best Mongoose xr-75 price? This bike is just right for the price and you can get it now. Just go to the link at the top of the page. You will get a basic Mongoose bike and for the money you can't beat it. You would probably spend more only to get less in another bike. This is a nice price for around 119 dollars.

For around $200 you get a very stylish bike in the Mongoose xr250. Comes with black alloy wheels and extremely hard to bend paired spokes. You won't believe the value you get for only a couple hundred bucks. Customers are amazed and have a high rating for this bike. As with most bikes that you assemble or purchase from a box store, you will need to make some minor adjustments to the derailer, adjust the brakes, seat and handlebars.

You have come this far for a Mongoose xr-75 review and here you will find out what people think are the good and the bad points of this bike. Now if you are planning to put this bike through the wringer and its sole purpose is to take it off road then I would recommend taking a look at another bike. For the women's xr-75 26″ is a nice first bike for someone just starting out. Many people have mentioned though, you will probably want to get a seat with a little more cushion. Smooth ride and easy to assemble and not to mention you would be hard to find a better first bike for the kids and the larger bike for women, so you should go take a look at the Mongoose xr-75.

Mongoose XR-75 Mountain Bike Vacation

There are many mountain biking tours specifically for athletic people. Tours that will take you through various scenic routes that are not neccessarily on the beaten path. There is something to experience in every region of the United States that will provide you with a life time of memories.

If you are into mountain biking at all then you have probably have taken or would like to take a biking vacation. This would be relaxing and getting in some valuable exercise at the same time taking in the beauty that America has to offer.

Have you noticed that some of the best areas to ride can be found right here in the good ol' USA. More specifically the Pacific Northwest and the South west. Let's not leave out the other side of the country such as North Carolina and other Southeast states.

There is great mountain biking locations all around us. One of the areas that is growing in popularity in the sport of mountain biking happens to be in the Southwest. Just in case you are planning to vacation in these areas, you should tryout a few spots like…Pinery Canyon Road in Arizona, or the nice scenery on the Flume Trail located in Navada. There is another trail that should be on your list to tryout. This one is in New Mexico called the South Boundry Trail.

Be prepared when you make the decision to ride these trails. Each one can be quite challenging and every bit of 20 miles long. If you want a real challenge get ready for the 50 mile trail ride at the Pinery Canyon. Keep in mind that if you have not been riding long and not used to some hard exercise, you should work your way up to be able to complete such a long ride. Just be prepaired before you start out and keep plenty of water with you.

Just think of the many mountain ranges, hills and trails that are just waiting to be somewhat discovered and conquered. You can get some fresh mountain air in your lungs and be with people that have the same interests as you. Taking on the challenges of every trail, path or road and loving every minute of it. A friend of mine rides a Schwinn Clear Creek. You might enjoy it more if you are riding an orange 26” Mongoose XR-75 Dual Suspension Men's Bike.

 Best Mountain Bike Brands

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Schwinn Clear Creek Deals

Schwinn Clear Creek – Get a Good Deal

Here is where you are going to get a good deal on the Schwinn Clear Creek.

Schwinn Clear Creek

Schwinn Clear Creek

Click Here to get the best price on the Schwinn Clear Creek Bicycle

Update: This model is no longer available.

Click Here to see other Schwinn Clear Creek Bikes

The Schwinn clear creek bicycle; one of the most comfortable rides you will ever have plus you can't beat the price. The Clear Creek is a top of the line bike for 200 dollars. The Clear Creek Comfort bike makes for a nice way to commute and get your daily exercise.

Since 1895, Schwinn has always stood for quality and they definitely got it right with the Schwinn Clear Creek Comfort bike. A sturdy and rugged bike but comfortable enough to enjoy riding on the trails or hilly terrain.

If you are looking for a Schwinn Clear Creek review you don't have to look far. Do a Google search for reviews and you will see many people are more than satisfied with this bicycle. Why not it; is easy to pedal and the shifting is quick and easy. If you want a bike for exercise or just riding on the weekends this is a bike well worth the money. Paying more for an expensive bike doesn't always mean you are getting one better.

Schwinn Clear Creek Comfort Bike for the Big Boys

The Schwinn Clear Creek Comfort bike 26 inch wheels are perfect for anyone over 6 ft. and over 200 pounds. The one thing that would be good to invest in is a little more cushion or padding for your seat. The one common complaint customers have is with the Schwinn Clear Creek bike seat.

As far as I know there aren't many stock seats that are comfortable. After you purchase your bike and you want to make sure everything is adjusted properly, then I would suggest taking it to a pro shop and pay the 20 – 50 dollars they would charge to make the proper adjustments. This will be money well spent.

The Schwinn Clear Creek bike rides like a dream, though like other reviewers have said, the seat can be uncomfortable especially for us middle-aged bottoms. You might want to get a more comfortable seat so you can enjoy riding around town or taking it off road a little and go for the trails.

The Schwinn Ranger has the lowest end Shimano derailleur's available. The rims can be extremely weak and the frame is not going to last the rigors of trails and paths. This bike also sells in the discount box stores but is not bad for the money. The ranger could be a good first bike if you are not serious about riding.

You can get the Schwinn Sierra that will give you a nice experience and will be good for commuting to and from work or for those quick jaunts around the neighborhood. This is an adult comfort sixteen inch bike that has 26″ tires to get you where you want to go fast.

Schwinn Clear Creek Bicycle Colors

A very well built bike in its class the men's Schwinn Men's 26″ Clear Creek blue bike with 18 speeds for getting up and down the hills in your neighborhood. This is an awesome bike that shifts easily and allows you to ride in an upright position and not feeling like you are on a crotch rocket.

The women's Schwinn Clear Creek plumb color is very stylish and is also made for taller women that will not comfortable riding on a smaller bike. The seat is fully adjustable to allow for easy movement to get the feel and comfort one needs when riding for several miles.

The men's Schwinn Clear Creek rates really high on the internet. People are most satisfied with this bike because they place their personal views online. They do not hold back. You can get honest bike reviews that you can use to make the best decision for you.

One feature the men's Schwinn Clear Creek Comfort bike comes with is the Shimano gears for quiet and easy shifting. The suspension seat and front fork will make paths that used to rattle your teeth quite easy and pleasant to ride on.

The maker of Schwinn bikes has changed hands many times but it is still a Schwinn. They are makers of some of the best mountain bike brands and have a line of discount bikes sold to mass merchants and then the upper end sold through various bike shops. They produce many types of bicycles such as mountain, road, cruisers, comfort, urban and hybrid bikes. One of the more popular is the Schwinn Clear Creek bicycles.

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Best Mountain Bike Brands On Sale

Best Mountain Bike Brands Online

Want to get a sweet deal on the best mountain bike brands available online?

Best Mountain Bike Brands

Best Mountain Bike Brands

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Want more than just an average bike. Stick around to see the best mountain bike brands available online. Because you take your riding serious and enjoy the challenges that come from a great ride, you deserve one of the best mountain bikes made today.

If you are just starting to ride you might want to take a look at the best mountain bike brands under 500. There are so many options and brands to choose from but you want a quality bike at an affordable price.

What are the Best Mountain Bike Brands?

The best mountain bike brands might depend on the individual and what their personal preferences are. Maybe you want to know which one is the most popular mountain bike so you can read reviews and make an educated decision.

Hybrid bikes are becoming more popular all the time. When you come to the point where you want the best of both worlds you will find the best hybrid bike brands here. There comes a time when you will want to be more comfortable but you still want a fast ride. You should consider a hybrid mountain bike.

You know that you can get a fantastic mountain bike for a little money. Maybe you want to find the best mountain bike for under 1000. I know you like to ride and enjoy the exercise. You want to stay fit and a great way to do that is to ride.

But you want to get the best mountain bike for the money that you have to spend on your hobby. Everyone wants to get a good deal and spend the least amount of money possible. Here we will show you what people think about the various bicycles they have actually purchased.

Looking for that comfortable ride? Want a bike that will handle the rough terrain? Need a fast ride? Whatever type of bicycle you need we will offer you the latest information possible. Here we will cover some of the best mountain bikes that can be purchased anywhere.

Popular Racing Mountain Bikes

Professional riders prefer to ride only Kona bikes. These are very popular bicycles for racing and for running on the tours. Kona mountain bikes company was actually started in 1988 and have been producing high-performance bikes ever since.

Trek mountain bikes are superb when you want good performance on a mixture of terrains. A great all around bike that has powerful disc brakes. A little on the expensive side but five inches of travel from the front and rear suspension will give you a soft ride. There is also a women's version available as well.

When you are ready to buy you should check out our site to read the mountain bike reviews for the bike of your choice. You need more information before you put down several hundreds of your hard earned money. I know you would like to see some real honest bike reviews without all the hype and crap. So keep checking back and you will be able to read all kinds of reviews for the best mountain bike brands online.

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